Episode 253/WXW 15th Anniversary Hamburg

September 11, 2016

We take our first trip to Germany to talk WXW and a show from their 15th Anniversary tour. Bad Bones, Big Damo and moral choices await. Also a 25 minute Karsten Beck/Rhyno match.


Episode 252/JCW Jersey J-Cup 2014

September 10, 2016

Sometimes a show comes around with a card that grabs you by the face and demands you watch. This is one of those shows. Sabu is cantankerous, we reach the roots of the Dirty Daddy and so much more on this edition of the Untitled Wrestling Show.


Episode 251/Smoky Mountain Wrestling July 1994

August 30, 2016

Booking for your audience is a good thing. This show tests that axiom. It leads to a show filled with no nuance having, strike breaking, Confederate flags and 5 minutes of in ring action!


Episode 250- Ultimate Wrestlemania

August 22, 2016

For our 250th episode we play a little game. Or had a contest of great importance depending on who you think put together the better WrestleMania card. Either way, really.


Episode 249/Chikara Joshimania Night 1

August 14, 2016

We return to Chikara as our wonky audio issues return as well. It's an interesting show with some interesting ideas that are executed in an interesting fashion.  New things are tried and old feuds are revisited.  Fun times!


Episode 248/PROGRESS Chapter 13

August 9, 2016

It's UNBELIEVABLE, JEFF! We take our first look at Progress with a show with some exceptional talents and some questionable finishes. Devitt & Zack Sabre Jr. deliver as expected but will that carry the day?


Episode 247/ROH Bitter Friends Stiffer Enemies

July 31, 2016

So much to discuss: Special K being the worst, squashes that weren't and should have been, squashes that were and shouldn't have been, knock outs, historic slaps and...Hey, you know, you should focus on Raven.



Episode 246/UWF Blackjack Brawl

July 25, 2016

Terrible wrestling, terrible announcing and a terrible company. What could go wrong as we look into the UWF?


245 / WCW Starrcade 86

July 18, 2016

Let's have a show in multiple cities! WCW's repetition of the foibles of WrestleMania II comes forward with Starrcade '86: The Night of the Skywalkers.

Fantastic hair, frantic rebooking and lots of spare change abound in this episode...and Ed says WHAT about Wahoo, Rick Rude and strap matches?!


Episode 244/ECW Living Dangerously 1999

July 11, 2016

The art of censorship and more are discussed as ECW lives dangerously. Rules were meant to be broken by both competitors and the referees because it's ECW.