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Untitled Wrestling Show #7/ CZW Best of the Best X

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Ed and Neil discuss top news stories like Chavo Guerrero (we know, we're shocked too that anything involving Chavo would lead off our broadcast), Alex 'the new Virgil' Riley and hype the ROH iPPV (which was awesome and you all must see -- N.)

Our show from the vault is Combat Zone Wrestling's Best of the Best X, an annual tournament that highlights highflying and technical in-ring ability as a counterpart to the ultraviolent deathmatch tournament CZW holds called Tournament of Death.

Ed and Neil discuss how long a person should remain down before attempting maneuvers, how Joker may have gotten the moniker "the Cambodian axe murderer", how right DJ "I talk too goddamn much" Hyde truly was with that statement and more in our review!

Ed note: We mentioned we'd link to The Top 10 Moves of Daisuke Sekimoto

6/30 Update: We would like to apologize for the faulty audio which results in the show cutting off the final portion of the show (including the main event) as well as the stereo recording effect which causes the audio to switch between left and right.

7/1: The audio has now been fixed.


Episode 6/ECW Heatwave 1998

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Tanaka & Awesome star on a show with highs and lows.  A sporting grudge match is more forgiving than ECW brand tables.

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Episode 5/Wrestlemania 4

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Neil returns this episode for a short discussion of news and a lengthy talk about Wrestlemania 4. News topics include retirements, contracts and Kharma's final appearance from last week. Wrestlemania 4 topics include the patenting of moves, the impact of the main event, how very long the show was, Jesse Ventura and how much focus on Matilda is too much focus on Matilda.

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Episode 5 Update

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Episode 5 with an in depth look at Wrestlemania 4 will be up this Sunday.

Episode 4.5/Showcase on New Japan YouTube

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Ed is back for another Showcase edition of the podcast looking at some matches from the official New Japan Pro Wrestling YouTube channel. In this show Ed finds a new favorite wrestler in Taichi, talks Giant Bernard: Wrecking Ball, complains about Jushin Liger wearing a wig and more. 18 minutes of good (free) times.

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A quick addition from Ed. New Japan is one of the largest pro wrestling companies in Japan. When I compared the crowd and building from the first match to an indy crowd/building I should have made sure to point out that New Japan is a large company that runs sone smaller buildings such as the one described. Thank you all for listening.